Benzodiazepine Withdrawal Syndrome BZWS The Alliance for Benzodiazepine Best Practices

Arduous withdrawals can ensue despite BZD use just as prescribed, at low dosages, or for short periods of time. Finally, it is simply unacceptable for practitioners to disparage BZD-struggling patients and their experiences in the manner that has been reported. I began researching the effects of benzodiazepines and found literature that supported my worsening condition. […]

Xanax Addiction Effects of Xanax Abuse & How to Quit

The sale and distribution of medicines outside the U.S. does not comply with safe-use regulations of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These medications may contain dangerous ingredients, or may not be distributed by a licensed pharmacy. Someone living in active addiction is likely to experience a lot of negative emotions, including denial and anger. […]

Sober-Living Homes Transitional Housing & Halfway Houses

Halfway houses offer social interaction with people who understand the challenges of sober living. Halfway houses require everyone to live without alcohol or drug use. This removes temptation and helps people in recovery see that it is possible to enjoy life without these substances. Recovery homes provide opportunities for individuals in early recovery or those […]


What you find might becrowd-sourced, computer-generated, someone’s best guess, or thereal deal. You can even learn how to correctly say a word, place, drug, medical, technical terminologies, and much more using application. Researching pronunciations on the internet can be time-consuming and lead to the wrong answer. If you alcohol and insomnia get a pronunciation from […]

Understanding alcohol use disorders and their treatment

Each community has a so-called temperance board that enforces social sanctions for alcohol abuse (e.g., imposes fines) and orders and supervises alcoholism treatment. Thus, temperance board registries document how often a person has been cited or treated for alcohol abuse. If you feel that you sometimes drink too much alcohol, or your drinking is causing […]

Alcohol Withdrawal Seizures Can Alcohol Cause Seizures?

Out of the 204 patients who used alcohol, 147 (72%) were occasional or light alcohol users, 43 (21.1%) were moderate users and 14 subjects (6.9%) practiced heavier alcohol use. Nine subjects of the study population (2.9%) were AUDIT positive indicating hazardous and harmful alcohol use. Many people with epilepsy have heard that alcohol consumption can […]

Residential Substance Abuse Treatment

Janet Shamlian is a CBS News correspondent based in Houston, Texas. Shamlian’s reporting is featured on all CBS News broadcasts and platforms including “CBS Mornings,” the “CBS Evening News” and the CBS News Streaming Network, CBS News’ premier 24/7 anchored streaming news service. In 2023, Wegovy was in short supply and cost around $1,300 a […]

Relapse prevention for addictive behaviors PMC

For example, Bandura, who developed Social Cognitive Theory, posited that perceived choice is key to goal adherence, and that individuals may feel less motivation when goals are imposed by others (Bandura, 1986). Miller, whose seminal work on motivation and readiness for treatment led to multiple widely used measures of SUD treatment readiness and the development […]